An Introduction to Qatar Airways, You must need to be know

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar and the Middle East‘s largest carrier. The airline was founded by the son of a camel farmer in 1983 and started operations in 1986.

During its early years, the carrier’s main focus was transporting workers and supplies to the country’s construction sites. Now, the carrier has become a key player in the region’s aviation industry.

Qatar Airways Head Quarter:

Qatar Airways is headquartered in Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar’s capital city. The airline is one of the Middle East’s most modern carriers; it now operates over 350 flights per day to 100+ destinations worldwide.

In addition to domestic operations, Qatar Airways also serves 10 international routes— including 3 to India, 3 to China, 2 to America and 1 each to Jordan and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Qatar Airways offers connections from several other countries to Doha. This allows passengers from around the globe easy access to the airline’s flight options.

Qatar Airways Operations:

Qatar Airways was awarded its initial operating license on June 1, 1986. The airline started its operations in March of the following year with one Boeing 707 aircraft. Initially, Qatar Airways specialized in transporting workers and supplies to Doha’s construction sites. However, this changed when the airline began offering services for the government and private sectors. Over time, the carrier has become one of the Middle East’s most popular carriers with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Qatar Airways limitation

Initially, Qatar Airways had a rather limited route selection compared to other carriers. The airline initially had two operating bases— Hamad International Airport in Doha and Al Wakrah International Airport in Al Wakrah.

As new routes were added, all flights were routed through either base. In addition, all flights were operated by a single fleet of Boeing 707s until 1988 when they began replacing them with the Boeing 727. By 1990, all routes were operated by either type of aircraft with only minor route adjustments made on a yearly basis.

Qatar Airways became one of the first carriers

In 1991, Qatar Airways became one of the first carriers to offer international direct flights within the Middle East.

That year saw the introduction of direct flights from Doha to London for business travelers and tourists looking for more exotic destinations. The route proved popular enough that it became one of Qatar Airways’ main international flight options by 1994. In addition, this led to rapid expansion as new routes were added year after year.

Eventually, there were 12 different routes from Doha to London by 1999— which was still a far cry from London’s present total of 14 international routes from the British capital city.

In addition to their rapid growth within the region, Qatar Airways has also managed to garner international attention for its competitive pricing and innovative business practices.

In 2004, Forbes named them one of their Top 20 Airlines for Price-Consistency in Air Travel. This led many people to associate quality with lower prices— which ultimately helped them establish themselves as a premier global carrier in less time than most predicted possible.

Restrictions of Qatar Airways

One of Qatar Airways’ most noted restrictions is their ban on carrying passengers with Israeli or Palestinian passports through their airspace into or out of their country.

This is due to Israel’s occupation of Palestine since 1967; it also prevents passengers on these routes from entering or leaving any country that is affiliated with those two states or are part of Arab airspace while they are in transit through the airspace over these countries. Passengers who have purchased tickets from an agency outside these countries have reported being able to bypass this restriction by purchasing tickets from an agency inside these countries that are not affiliated with either state government or are not part of Arab airspace when passing through them on their way to or from Doha; however, passengers who have purchased tickets directly from either government themselves are unable to bypass this restriction regardless of whether they purchase through an agency or directly from each state government itself because both governments restrict travel into and out of their respective countries when traveling through Arab airspace due to ongoing hostilities between both states and those who reside under their governments’ control.

Qatar Airways