Visit These Top Spots In Manila On Your Next Trip

Top Spots In Manila

Manila, as a bustling metropolis, offers plenty of cultural and fun activities. From delicious dining options to historic monuments, here are some great spots that will make your visit worthwhile.

Art and history lovers will want to visit the National Museum Complex for an educational and entertaining experience, featuring its collection of Filipino art and history including Juan Luna’s iconic Spoliarium painting. The city is easily accessible with Cathay Pacific and its many routes, including Tel Aviv to Manila.

Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum is an essential stop for tourists wishing to gain more knowledge about the Philippines. Offering numerous exhibits at reasonable admission fees and with its convenient location, this museum also houses the Filipinas Heritage Library which provides modern tools and resources for research. Furthermore, various events like exhibition openings, lectures, and artist/curator’s talks take place here as well.

The museum boasts an expansive and impressive collection of archeological, historical, fine arts, numismatics objects from across its fields of study; including archaeological artifacts; historical documents; pre-Hispanic gold jewelry and religious images from pre-Columbian America; tools; indigenous textiles from Southeast Asian trade Ware Ceramics as well as burial jars – making this museum one of the top Manila travel attractions due to its abundant artifacts.

Ayala Museum offers free admission to children aged 12 or younger, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and Filipinos with valid ID cards. Undergraduate students, teachers, and museum workers qualify for discounted rates; it’s best to visit during weekdays as weekends and public holidays may be busier.

Other popular destinations in Manila include Edsa Shrine, Corregidor Island, and San Juan del Monte Bridge – one of which served as a key site during both Spain’s revolution against it and the World War II battleground. Now preserved as a historical landmark.

Retail enthusiasts looking for some serious retail therapy should visit Binondo or Greenbelt Mall – both are free-entry locations featuring premium brands as well as delicious dining options.

Manila offers many attractions and activities suitable for visitors of all ages, with Ocean Park providing activities such as shark and ray encounters and the Mermaid Swim Experience that offer something fun for everyone in their family or group outing. Take your family or friends along for an amazing outing to this fun park in Manila today.


Intramuros is one of the best places in the Philippines to get an insight into its Spanish colonial past. This centuries-old district boasts old churches, forts, museums, and historical markers that detail Philippine history as well as offering numerous exciting activities that you can do while exploring this place.

Historical tours available in the Philippines typically feature visits to Intramuros. This Walled City contains some of the oldest structures in the entire country; for instance, Manila Cathedral stands out as a notable landmark within Intramuros – as it’s been around since 1610! Natural disasters as well as World War II have not affected it significantly.

Casa Manila, modeled after an ancestral house belonging to a wealthy Spaniard, is one of the top attractions within the walled city. Now used as a full-fledged museum that displays Filipino culture and traditions during the colonial era as well as paintings and furniture that capture its essence, is another top attraction in Casa Manila.

Other historic attractions you can find within Intramuros include San Agustin Church, which is the oldest stone church in the Philippines and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Filled with religious artifacts that showcase Filipino history, visitors should pay a visit to San Agustin. Also, check out Bahay Tsinoy Museum which documents Chinese contributions to national history.

iMake History Fortress Manila is another must-see attraction, as its replica of old churches and structures in Intramuros constructed of Lego is both captivating and educational. Kids as well as adults enjoy this exhibit!

Intramuros offers much more than museums – you can also go cafe hopping here! One notable cafe is Belfry Cafe, built beneath Manila Cathedral’s seven bell towers – making for a memorable and unique experience – also serves great food and beverages that will satisfy all of your cravings!

Bahay Tsinoy

Bahay Tsinoy Museum can be found within Intramuros’ old walled city and serves to highlight the role that the Chinese have had in Philippine history. Housed within the Kaisa-Angelo King Heritage Center building, this exhibit presents photographs, kitchenware, and other artifacts that shed light on this aspect of Philippine and Chinese history.

Visit this historic museum and step back into time when Manila and China had close ties, while at the same time discovering more about the rich and fascinating histories and peoples of the Philippines.

From discovering its historical past to having some fun, Manila offers something for everyone. This vibrant metropolis boasts historic neighborhoods as well as cutting-edge culture; galleries and indie music pubs provide plenty of ways to uncover its best features.

To maximize your experience in Manila, we suggest joining Old Manila Walks or one of the other walking tours available. Alternatively, explore on your own or enjoy a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage ride).

Manila is a city of contrasts, featuring both old-world charm and delicious international cuisine at its famous restaurants – there’s even plenty of budget options for those on a limited budget!

Nightclubs and bars in Manila provide an exciting option to cap off a day of sightseeing. Many of the top clubs can be found in the BGC (Bonifacio Global City) district; however, there are numerous others across the city as well.

Manila offers some of the country’s finest spas. Offering massage services at competitive rates, these establishments feature various therapeutic techniques that offer massages. If you prefer holistic solutions, Greenbelt Chapel may be worth exploring; its services include spiritual guidance as well as massages.

Rizal Park

Rizal Park serves both tourists and locals in Manila by being one of its most visited tourist spots, while providing them with a relaxing place for strolling or simply spending their weekends here. Boasting expansive green spaces, ornamental gardens, ponds, and walking paths; people frequently come here on weekends or relax here with family or friends after experiencing city life for themselves. Furthermore, this romantic destination is known for being where many couples take wedding photographs.

This 58-hectare park was named in memory of 19th-century Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, who was executed here by Spain in 1896. It features his monument as well as one to Lapu Lapu who stopped Magellan’s invasion and other Philippine heroes; furthermore, there are notable structures like an orchidarium.

Rizal Park is home to numerous art installations and activities that celebrate Philippine culture and heritage, such as celebrating National Hero’s Day on June 12, Independence Day on June 30, and New Year’s Eve – events that draw huge crowds of celebrants each year. If possible, visit early in the day or during weekdays for best results and no crowds!

Visitors to the Binhi ng Kalayaan garden will also be able to find peace and serenity here, where Ed Castrillo’s bronze “Seeds of Freedom” sculpture pays a fitting tribute to all the Filipinos who fought for independence during Spanish colonial rule. Additionally, this garden contains a time capsule hidden underneath this monument for future generations to discover.

Another highlight of the park is the Manila Zoo, home to animals such as hippopotamuss, elephants, Bengal tigers, Malayan civets, and monitor lizards. Beyond animal species, you’ll also find an arboretum and botanical garden to learn more about Philippine plants as well as an Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion that displays our vibrant array of orchid species and butterflies from across Southeast Asia.